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This article recently featured in a local magazine - Southsea Lifestyle. Sharing it here incase you are local to Portsmouth and still want to read it.

I have a confession to make. When I started The Grateful Hearts Club back in 2019, I didn’t really know what I was doing (does anyone really know?). A woman with a tiny seed of an idea, a heart full of love and the knowledge that finding joy in the small moments and being more grateful for them may be the key to a happier life. I had turned all the things I knew about gratitude into a habit, understood the benefits and was committed to sharing this knowledge however I could; gratitude cards evolved into workshops or talks and this has since evolved into coaching.

Needless to say, I’ve continued to fall further down the rabbit hole (taking anyone willing to listen with me) So many hours dedicated to researching, thinking, talking and sharing gratitude. 2021 saw The Grateful Hearts Club evolve again and a new idea take hold. Enter The Grateful Arts Club – a project built on the values of creativity, gratitude, joy, connection and community. It started because like many of us, lockdown gave me the space to explore and reconnect with my own creativity, combined with the fact that I’ve learnt that giving back is the ultimate expression of gratitude.

I call this project (now officially a Community Interest Company) ‘gratitude in action’ because it not only enables me to give back but connect people who need to know about gratitude in a creative way. Across last Summer I partnered with Motiv8 – a charity committed to creating ‘life chances for young people’ and created a 10 week art programme which ended in an exhibition at St Margaret’s Church that answered the question What are you grateful for? Young people and artists contributed their art, independent brands collaborated, a team of volunteers assembled, and we all worked together to create an event that celebrated what makes our city so great. Over 600 people visited and together we raised just over £2,600, funds that have helped Motiv8 continue to support even more young people.

There was an energy on the day that showed everyone that there is a place for this type of event and seeing young people feeling so included in the community is something I will never forget. So, in February we go again and host our second exhibition titled LOVE IS... Please join us on 26th February between 10-4pm at St Margaret’s Church, Highland Road and let's all feel the love...together and if you are not already follow @thegratefulartsclub to see how this new project evolves.

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