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The Endless Tank of Love

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Overthinking is a curse. I’ve put so much thought into what I’d write my first blog about. I’ve written it and re-written it like so. many. times. The beginning seems like an apt place, right? But everything I’ve learned so far about life and the reason The Grateful Hearts Club even exists has left me with so much to bloody say! I read other blogs and wonder if it’s this hard for everybody? Maybe it gets easier? Who knows? I guess the thing to do is start and hope that whatever I need to say most urgently, presents itself! I definitely wanted to start by saying that whoever you are, wherever you’re at and however you found yourself reading this, I’m truly grateful.

I seem to say that word so much nowadays. I even have a little smile to myself when the word leaves my lips. There she goes, grateful again! I can’t help it. It’s like I’ve been possessed by some weird gratitude gremlin. I heard something recently that really resonated with me and reminded me why it’s so important, ‘you teach what you need’. I need gratitude because it truly helped me. It was something I used to work my way out of a truly dark time. If you’ve ever experienced loss, and the grief that comes with it, you’ll totally understand what I mean.

Throughout my life, I have actually experienced many losses. The impact of each, not fully realised until before I knew it, the loss of our Daughter Olive in 2013, led to my world crumbling in a pretty tremendous way. I don’t know if I realised it fully at the time. The happy go lucky person, who always had a positive spin to put on things or was there to help others, was suddenly very lost.

Gratitude was my way of focusing on the good stuff. And, with the help of creating The Grateful Hearts Club, was the path that led me back to me, and maybe on some days, an even brighter version. I suppose when you’ve been truly broken you learn so much about both yourself and life. I felt that I couldn’t not grow, evolve and share what I had learnt. I knew that somehow, I had to make all the sadness seem worthwhile.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some pretty inspirational people and with their help, I’ve worked out that I have an endless tank of love. All the love meant for Olive. The Grateful Hearts Club helps me to share this love. Each gratitude card a way of creating the warm, fuzzy feeling of thankfulness; whether it’s a quiet reflection, a thoughtful word, a thank you or a random act of kindness. My aim is to create a community of like minded souls ready to spread some love, inspire joy and encourage connection. I hope you’ll be part of that journey.

Love + Gratitude

Charla X

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So beautifully written, and so grateful you walked in to my life 😊xxx


Beautiful, heartwarming, inspirational writing. You have come through the darkness and so many hard times, but now your shining bright as can be, and it’s so amazing to see.

I am eternally grateful you are in our lives Xxxx


As we all know life’s not easy to have someone in our lives with such a wonderful way of thinking is so special we are blessed xxxx


I’ve watch you grow from a teen to beautiful women, we’ve shared lots of experiences together happy and sad, you make me so proud. Love always Anna ❤️


When you sit back and think....really think, this is what life is all about, being grateful for what we have. So often we (Or ‘I’) will chase the things we don’t have! Thank you for making me (‘us lot’) create a different mindset (or tweak the one we have) The world needs more Charla’s....but until then I’m happy with the one I’m proud to call my friend xxx

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