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When we first learnt about gratitude, we knew we had to share it. Our gratitude cards are a great way of capturing gratitude, but what if you'd like to understand more about the science behind it? What if you need to learn some simple ways to add it to your life?


An Introduction to Gratitude helps you do both of these are more. If you want to understand the basics, create a new positive habit, or need some time out to focus on all the great stuff going on in your life, this workshop is for you.

Whoever you are, wherever you are at, whatever you need, we would love to share what we've learnt about gratitude and look forward to welcoming you to a workshop soon.

Love + Gratitude

P.s Just currently all workshops are held online, while this is wonderful it wasn't always the intention. When we can press play on life there will be the option for IRL talks, events and workshops. Stay tuned to find out more.

Our hope with this workshop is to give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to help you focus on the joy in your life, so it gets even bigger! This 1.5 hour workshop is designed to provide a safe space to share whatever you need to, and are kept small enough to both listen and be heard.

introduction to gratitude

what to expect

Learn more about the meaning of gratitude and how we used it to increase our happiness.

Understand how to make gratitude a positive new habit and tool in your self care tool kit.

Dedicate for time some time for you and learn some easy ways to be more grateful.

gratitude check in

We also want to make sure you have support if you are committed to making gratitude a new habit. Our 1 hour monthly gratitude check in, has been designed to create the space to reflect on a different topic each month, and connect with other likeminded souls, all trying harder to acknowledge the goodness in life.

what to expect

Making habits is tough! Get all the support you need as you make a gratitude a new habit.

Learn new ideas and ways of finding gratitude and squeezing joy more joy out of life.

Connect with others all on their own gratitude journeys and practise gratitude together.



I struggle with consistency, and Charla's tips have made gratitude part of my routine.


Your workshop has helped me find gratitude in even the boring parts of my day!


Your workshop has provided so much clarity about practising and sharing gratitude.


The workshop made me realise there is so much joy to be found in the small moments.

Serious stuff

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