what is gratitude?

We understand how beautifully complicated life can be. So much joy and wonder but sometimes it can also feel like a total challenge.


Enter gratitude…

Its the giving and receiving of gratitude that makes it so great.

Did you know that when we express gratitude to someone who has helped us, it motivates them to act kindly again.

Keeping a daily log of gratitude can increase optimism and help make you feel even more gratitude!

Optimism is directly linked to gratitude – the deeper the appreciation you feel results in longer lasting

We believe gratitude doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Our cards are designed to capture personal reflections of gratitude.


Or maybe you’d like to share them with others? Your friends, your family, your colleagues or maybe a random act of gratitude is your thing (our preferred method).

get your gratitude on


Think of something, someone or somewhere that you’re grateful for. A feeling, a place, a person, or even a pet!

If you can, try and write down HOW and WHY it made you feel that way.

Remember... the more deeply
you begin to acknowledge your feelings of gratitude, the more gratitude will be present in your life.


Keep your gratitude cards in a jar, pin them to a board, or keep them in a box. Use them to reflect when you have days where it’s harder to see the positives.

Send one to friend, a distant relative, a work colleague or brighten someone’s day by writing a card and leaving it for them to find.

3. enjoy

Embrace the warm fuzzy feeling of thankfulness! Giving and receiving gratitude is a beautiful thing.

Be proud that you’re taking positive steps to take care of yourself and share some joy with those
around you.


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