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did you know?

+ Grateful people have 10% less stress-related illnesses
+ Grateful people have blood pressure 12% lower
+ Grateful people give 20% more to charity
+ Happy people have 7% higher income

what is gratitude?


A word we hear so much, but what does it actually mean?

We’ve broken it down into 3 parts because what makes gratitude so special is that it's more than just a word, if you embrace it, it can be the key to living a happier life.

SPEAK IT: Saying thank you. Something we learn from an early age. Saying thank you is at the core of gratitude. Whether it is to someone or for something, thank you is the acknowledgement of our gratitude.


FEEL IT: We LOVE that when you receive thanks and get a chance to return it there is a real warm exchange. We call it the warm fuzzy feeling of thankfulness and it’s a beautiful thing.


SHOW IT: So, there is a real reciprocal nature to gratitude. The offering up of kind acts or deeds and the possibility that these can be returned. Including those random acts of kindness that we feel just make the world a better place.

Hopefully, you're reading this and realise gratitude is in your life more than you realise. It won't take much to make it a new habit. If it isn’t fear not! The Grateful Hearts Club is here to help.


We understand how beautifully complicated life can be. There are moments of pure joy and wonder but sometimes it can all get a bit much, and despite our best intentions, life just gets us down. 2020 was a real test when it comes to this, we're sure you will agree!


Enter a simple word loaded with power and potential… G R A T I T U D E.

Those clever scientists have shown that when we express gratitude to someone who has helped us, it motivates them to act kindly again. And the act of thanking them shifts our mood into a more balanced and positive place. Double whammy - more kindness in the world, and more balance and happiness in our busy minds. 

If you keep a daily log of gratitude your optimism is increased, and you can FEEL even more gratitude than you felt before you wrote it down. 


It’s such a simple little action, open to anyone, in any situation and at any time of day. No subscription required! Optimism is directly linked to gratitude so, the deeper the appreciation you feel results in longer-lasting positivity.

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We believe gratitude doesn’t need to be overly complicated -  our cards are designed to capture and share personal reflections of gratitude. Our workshops give you all the tips, encouragement and support to make it a habit and our bespoke coaching packages help you understand and overcome any barriers you may have to gratitude.


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