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I found gratitude at a really difficult time. After a series of unsuccessful pregnancies, the loss of our daughter Olive in childbirth and our quest for a family ending in infertility, my world turned black. I lost the person I knew I was and needed a positive focus that reminded me of all the good things in my life.

I started writing down one thing I was grateful for each day, no matter how small it seemed. In time, my optimism returned and I was able to see and feel more positivity. 

A conversation with a creative friend encouraged me to use what I had learnt and share it with others. This tiny seed of an idea turned into The Grateful Hearts Club and a set of cards which allow you to capture and share gratitude in a creative way. As The Grateful Hearts Club has evolved, I recognise not everyone understands gratitude and the positive affect it can have. This has led to creating a workshop designed to help people learn about gratitude and give some easy ways to introduce into every day lives.


I'm super grateful for you taking the time to learn more, excited to see how you use your gratitude cards and hope to welcome you to workshop soon.

The Grateful Hearts Club.

One card. Many uses. One aim.

The only limit is your kindness and creativity.

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