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+ Coaching creates clarity on your values, vision and goals
+ Motivates you to make the changes you need
+ Unlocks the confidence to overcome challenges
+ Brings mindful attention to new habits and beliefs

Coaching with The Grateful Hearts Club

We’ve loved connecting with you in our workshops but there’s something we’ve noticed.  And that is how very rarely we check in with ourselves. We really want to help fix this so…enter coaching from TGHC.


We want to help you answer the questions…

How are we feeling right now? Better still who are we right NOW?


We’re all constantly growing, adapting and evolving which means taking the time to check in with ourselves has never been more important. 


We’ve all been in meetings with our bosses or coaching sessions focussed on something we’re just not that interested in (KPI’s anyone?), sat waiting patiently to be asked a question that allows us to talk about what matters TO US.


Why not take your development into your own hands and honour your needs by having the kind of coaching you know you need? One where YOU are at the centre and get a chance to celebrate YOU.


This coaching session was born out of a time where a lot had changed in our own personal life. We needed something to process what had happened, gift ourselves some space to think, unpack our thoughts and work out who we are right NOW.


We all have a small voice inside us. Our intuition - its job is to protect and guide us. Sometimes our lives are so noisy and busy we can't here it, we get a little lost in our own worlds and forget what it is we need to thrive. This session helps you lock into radio you and turn the volume up!


A Tune Into You session gives you clarity on the following….

+ The biggest thing I’ve learnt about myself?
+ What don’t want to forget?
+ Any boundaries you need to put in place?

+ How do I keep my mind, body and soul happy?
+ What do I need more of?
+ How can I add this to my life?

These reflections help you sift through all your challenges and triumphs, you will see the tough stuff with kinder eyes and shuffle all the valuable lessons to the top, so you don’t forget them. 


the session

45 minutes - £75

+ Take a deeper look at what’s going on in your world
+ Create a mind, body and soul plan
+ Perfect monthly session to track your progress
+ Provides accountability for those who need it

+ Personalised doodle with every session

+ Recording of each session for you to refer to


The Doodle

During each session, notes are taken of our conversation. They include all the inspirational things we want you to remember, plus a few wise words from me. We all learn in such different ways, we wanted to create something visual to capture our conversation, a snapshot in time to reflect on and give you a reminder when you need it. 


Current doodle dimensions are 1080 x 1080 px (other sizes available on request)




Charla thank you so much! I had no idea our call would result in this incredible image! You've seen things in me I struggle to see in myself, and to have this captured so beautifully by you means the world to me. I'm going to print it so I can feel empowered by it every day. I want to gift this to everyone I know. We all need a gratitude call with The Grateful Hearts Club in our lives.


I have just finished my 2022 intentions workshop with Charla and it was AMAZING.
My mind was a bit foggy and cloudy as I was thinking about the year ahead, but I have come away feeling so much lighter and even more excited to continue with this year as myself, utilising what is important to me.
Charla's kind and warming energy sets a wonderful, curious and invested tone and I feel so inspired. I can't wait to see where these intentions lead me over this coming year.

If you'd like to talk more about working with The Grateful Hearts Club - I'd love to chat!

Click the telephone below to book your free discovery call.


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