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21st September 2020 - World Gratitude Day

Help The Grateful Hearts Club celebrate World Gratitude Day and make September great.

World Gratitude Day is on 21st September and it would seem a total travesty for The Grateful Hearts Club not to celebrate it. There are so many weird and wonderful days to celebrate, even as I researched this blog I found a whole host of days I’m not sure are even real…Answer your Cat’s Question’s day anyone? 22nd January for all you cat lovers out there.

Anyways…with the challenging year we’ve all had, I want to share as much love, kindness and gratitude in September as possible! To help me do this I’ve collaborated with a few of my fave Southsea based creatives. I wanted to tell you a little bit about why…

Firstly, I’ve worked on a limited-edition T-Shirt and tote bag design with talented friend of TGHC - Will @willhutchfilms. As a photographer, film maker and general creative creature Will has an incredible talent for capturing moments and bringing them to life. But, something truly magical happens when he draws and I feel so grateful he agreed to bring my idea to life. Amongst photographing and filming bands he used to design logos and T-shirts for them, so I guess this is about as close to Rock and Roll as TGHC will get.

The design is made up of things I’m grateful for. Including a massive nod to Southsea as its now our home and somewhere that brought Joe and I great joy after losing Olive. The bird you will see is a Blackbird, this song by the Beatles was played at Olive’s funeral and although we will forever love that song it’s a very painful listen. You will see an Olive branch in its mouth because if you know anything about TGHC you will know everything is to remember our daughter and make her proud.

There will be 21 T-shirts and totes for sale across September.

Next up I’ve collaborated with the super talented Polly @pollyfrancesdesign I’ve always admired Polly’s style and the fact that she started a little side hustle because like me, she is an earring lover and just had to share her designs with the world. We like our earrings big and have never even really given that much thought. It wasn’t until I revealed a sneak peak of the designs on social media and a lovely lady commented saying that she’d never really worn big earrings before but was tempted. I thought…WOAH there…this is interesting. Maybe this collaboration might inspire or encourage others to be bolder in their choices? And, maybe that could spark even more bolder choices? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we’re going to solve the world’s problems with these earrings but that thought made me feel really happy.

There will be 21 pairs of earrings for sale across September.

I’m also increasing the number of workshops I host across September. If you’re even the tiniest bit interested in learning more about gratitude, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to be part of a workshop. TGHC is all about helping you understand more about gratitude, its benefits and sharing easy ways you can add it to your life. Nothing complicated or taxing, no 10-page gratitude journal to complete before bedtime. Just real ways to sprinkle gratitude over things so you start to squeeze the joy out of what you already have. Plus, in September if one person pays you can bring a friend for free (our first ever two for one!)

There are 21 spaces available for An ‘Introduction to Gratitude’ and 21spaces for the ‘Gratitude Check In’ across September.

There will also be weekly competitions, giveaways and random acts of kindness. A few more exciting products to launch throughout the month so get involved and play your part in making September a positive month for us all. Oh yeah…we’d really like to spread the love and get to 2,100 followers in September so when the time is right, please like, comment, share and encourage others join in.

One last thing…If you’re not subscribed to the newsletter than please do so. Not only will you be the first to hear the latest news you will also receive a free gift in September as a thank you.

As always, I’m super grateful for your support and excited for September.

P.s Hopefully you get all the 21 references 😬

P.p.s T-shirts, totes and earrings will go on sale on at 9:21am on 1st September. Set your reminders now!

Love + Gratitude

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